As part of our mission to discover ecological solutions to humanity's health challenges and to prepare the next generation of planetary health innovators, We invite interested students at all levels to explore the student-centered grants, workshops, networking events, and cross-disciplinary curricula.

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Student/Post-doc 'Mini' Working Groups

Student/Post-doc ‘Mini’ Working Group grants with support up to $5000 for one year

OPEN: December 21, 2017 06:00am PST

DEADLINE: February 28, 2018 11:59pm PST

ELIGIBILITY: Lead applicants must be graduate or professional students or post-docs at Stanford University, coupled with a faculty sponsor. Graduate student and/or post-doc lead(s) must be matriculated (or employed) at Stanford University for the entire duration of the award.  Faculty sponsor must be a member of the Stanford Academic Council or Medical Center Line. Other members of working groups may be students, post-docs, and/or faculty mentors from within or outside Stanford University.

AWARD DETAILS: Up to $5000 for 12 months, earliest start date March 2018

Student/Post-doc Travel Grants

Student/Post-doc Travel Grants, with support up to $250 (travel in state) or $500 (travel out of state) for travel to DEHE-sponsored and DEHE-recommended events, or to support travel related to student-driven research within the priority topics of the DEH.

OPEN: Now/Ongoing


ELIGIBILITY: Applicants must be graduate or professional students or post-docs at Stanford University at the time of the application and at the time of eligible travel.

AWARD DETAILS: Up to $250 per person per event for in-state travel; up to $500 per person per event for out-of-state travel.  Awards will be announced quarterly.  Apply early!

We focus on student-centered opportunities including interdisciplinary research, internships, events, and career building opportunities.
Graduate/Post-Doc Career Opportunities

One Health Program Director: University of Global Health Equity; Kigali, Rwanda.

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Undergraduate Internships

Connect with affiliated faculty, get valuable research experience and get paid over the summer. A number of programs at Stanford offer undergraduate students ways to get involved in research and build expertise in disase ecology, health and environmental sciences at Stanford. Apply early because some opportunities have class and prerequisite requirements.

In some cases, opportunities for summer internships are posted by faculty (such as VPUE, MUIR, SESUR, and many others), In other cases, students have to submit a research proposal (see UAR student grants). We recommend to carefully check deadlines, contact core faculty ahead of time and be pro-active and creative: if there is a match between the interests of an applicant and a lab, there is a good possibility to find a grant opportunity for a research internship through Stanford.


Our events often have a need for student volunteers to help coordinate them, set up/break down, take notes, or help us communicate about the event. Those events on our calendar with volunteer opportunities are marked with a 'v'.

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There are many relevant courses at Stanford -- so many that it is hard to navigate them all. We can help.