The Challenge

Since 1985, more than half of the biologically rich lowland forest of Indonesia’s West Kalimantan region have been lost to global timber demand and clearing for oil palm plantations. Widespread poverty and unmet health needs drive people in the region to log as a livelihood or simply to afford healthcare.

The Approach

Working with communities surrounding Gunung Palang National Park in Borneo, Health in Harmony and its sister Indonesian organization Alam Sehat Lestarti co-created incentives to reduce logging through healthcare discounts, a community liaison program, chainsaw buyback programs and sustainable agriculture trainings.

Sustainability Strategy

Kinari Webb, founder of Health in Harmony, is pioneering a unique program that provides badly needed health and wellness resources to local communities, and demonstrates whether healthcare provisioning and alternative livelihood training can be affordable and equitable means to engage local communities in globally relevant conservation goals.

Researchers Involved