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The Program for Disease Ecology, Health and the Environment's mission is to discover ecological solutions to humanity’s health challenges and to prepare the next generation of planetary health innovators.

Why should you apply?

Health and environmental challenges are mounting. Be part of the solution.

Stanford's many top-rated majors and programs offer quality undergraduate and graduate education and a unique environment to study ecology, health, and environmental sciences.

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The Program for Disease Ecology, Health, and the Environment supports undergraduate students through courses and workshops, networking events, research opportunities, and mentorship. Explore the interdisciplinary curriculum and dive into research. We will
Why Should You Apply?

With its world-renowned academics and sunny California weather, Stanford offers a unique environment for learning and excellence while maintaining balance. Here you can discover how to make a difference.

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Which majors are applicable?

With so many options at Stanford, it's hard to navigate them all. Here, we've compiled a list of applicable majors and tracks that have affiliated faculty in the Program for Disease Ecology, Health and the Environment. It's your future: you get to choose which path is right for you.

Explore the many opportunities to enhance your graduate or professional school experience: student-led grants and working groups, renowned faculty mentors, and multi-institutional keystone projects. Apply now to gain valuable research experience and contr

Graduate Programs There are a variety of departments, schools, and centers offering graduate and professional degree programs relevant to disease ecology, health, and the environment. Contact affiliated faculty to learn more and apply.

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