We're advancing research and innovation in disease ecology, health, and the environment through:


Keystone projects in basic and applied science aimed at ecological solutions for health


Workshops, working groups, and community-building events


Cross-disciplinary curriculum development and student involvement


Deep engagement with global health, science, and environmental leaders

Current Keystone Projects

Partners in Schistosomiasis Reduction

The Upstream Alliance

Water projects like dams and irrigation schemes support agricultural expansion to feed the growing human population. But these water projects come with costs in the form of degradation of ecosystems and in some cases, of compromised human health.

Interventions to End Cycles of Poverty Driven By Neurocysticerosis

Pigs & Parasites

Pigs, which thrive on cheap and abundant nutritional sources and grow quickly, are one of the most important sources of food and income for the world’s poorest populations. But pigs also serve as the reservoir for the pork tapeworm, Taenia solium.

Nature-based water solutions for urban revitalization and health

Revitalizing Informal Settlements and their Environments (RISE)

Informal settlements ('slums') are home to more than a billion people, mostly in rapidly growing urban areas of low- to middle-income countries.

Community-Led Solutions

Health in Harmony

Health in Harmony embraces the links between human health, ecosystem health, and planetary health.

A Community-based intervention pilot in Kwale County, Kenya

Trash to Treasure

Trash, specifically unused containers like bottles, buckets, and tires, can be re-purposed for a variety of profitable items.

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