Dear DEHE and Planetary Health Task Force students, staff and faculty (and friends):

You’re cordially invited to the combined DEHE Annual Meeting and Human and Planetary Health Accelerator Launch Planning Discussion!

Date:  Monday, January 4

Time: 2-4pm Pacific

Location: Online

RSVP: contact Sanna Sokolow for Zoom link

At the meeting we will see our old friends and a few new ones, look back at 2020, and look forward to 2021.

Looking back on 2020: 

We will present brief updates from DEHE as well as the new CIGH/LSTM Planetary Health Fellowship program, and new Planetary health courses.

Looking forward to 2021: 

We will embark, together, on an operational plan for the seed grant funded by the Stanford Sustainability Initiative called "Accelerator for Human and Planetary Health” which is paving the way, along with other seed projects, for an envisioned Center on Human and Planetary Health at Stanford.  The field of human and planetary health is focused on "the health of humans and the natural systems on which we depend." At Stanford and beyond, there is a growing number of passionate researchers, teachers, staff, and students interested in building a more cohesive and effective set of programs for studying and implementing solutions to human and planetary health problems, such as climate change, pollution, and ocean acidification, among many others.

At this brief meeting, we will present the H&PH Accelerator seed grant operative plan and launch the first task for this accelerator which will be charged with "landscaping" (what's here and where) and "gap analysis" (what's missing and why) relating to existing skills/expertise in H&PH at Stanford, and other institutions, and envisioning the role of the new Center on Human and Planetary Health to fill those gaps. We plan a second task force focused on education and a third on mapping potential collaborations and synergies with our neighborhood (i.e,, academic, governmental and non-governmental institutions in the SF Bay Area, California and beyond). More details of the plan and timing will be presented on Jan 4th!

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January 04, 2021
02:00 pm - 04:00 pm






Alumni , Faculty , Friends , Post-docs , Staff , Students


Sanna Sokolow