CIGH Human and Planetary Health Newsletter
  • Enrollment for Stanford's fall quarter has opened! Full list of human & planetary health courses here.
  • Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability held its launch Thurs, Sep 1. Health called out as key priority in sustainability in articles about launch of school and its courses.
  • Funding opportunity from Office of Community Engagement; one-time funding of up to $50k and three-year seed funding of $200k for work with marginalized communities in Santa Clara / San Mateo counties. Deadline: Oct 2. 
  • Third annual NorCal Symposium on Climate, Health, and Equity: Sep 23, 12-5pm. Learn more & register. Flyer attached.
  • Wellcome Climate & Health Public Engagement Leadership Program empowers changemakers to advance climate & health action. Learn more here; nominate participants here.
  • SB1137 just passed in CA: creates 3,200 foot setbacks from oil and gas drilling and homes, schools, and hospitals.
  • Communities across the US affected by "weather whiplash" – extreme rains following heavy droughts: "The dry ground hit with the rapid rainfall can promote runoff and trigger widespread flooding."
  • 90% of 25,000 key marine species at risk of extinction by 2100.
  • TA opportunity for BIO 103: Human & Planetary Health and SUSTAIN 140: Environmental Humanities.
  • Planetary Health Alliance August newsletter.
  • Webinar "Building For Climate Justice: Safe and Healthful Transportation and Housing" Friday, September 9 at noon PT. Flyer attached.