CIGH Human and Planetary Health Newsletter
  • The AMA Journal of Ethics did an entire issue on healthcare waste with lots of Stanford features — check out Desiree LaBeaud and Navami Jain's piece on how US healthcare should lead globally on plastics, Cassie Thiel's piece on just management of healthcare waste, and Lisa Patel's piece on PPE and sustainability
  • Stanford Global Health Club is a new monthly seminar series organized by PhD students and postdocs for the Stanford community, designed to better understand challenges in global health and find creative solutions. Fill out this interest form to engage.

  • Gov. Newsom approves AB2232, bill related to school HVAC systems.
  • UC Berkeley seeks Assistant Professor of Cooperative Extension (CE) position in the area of climate resilience and labor. More info.
  • "Without Karuk Women's TREX, I don't think I would have been brave enough to think about returning fire to my ancestral village." Check out this example of what cultural change might look like.
  • PBS: "How firefighters’ life-saving work puts them at a higher risk of cancer" – feat. Stanford's Kari Nadeau & Mary Prunicki.

  • From PBS NewsHour: "Why getting PFAS out of our products is so hard — and why it matters"
  • How to Jump-start and Finance a Just Transition Webinar from the World Resource Institute: Oct 11, 2022 09:30 AM  Eastern Time