CIGH Human and Planetary Health Newsletter
  • Nature editorial: "COP27: Rich countries must stop stalling talks on climate loss and damage compensation"
  • Low-income, tropical countries suffering the greatest climate-related financial losses
  • Another place with high levels of climate loss & damage: Pakistan – "The country is one of eight that occupy what’s known as the Third Pole—6,000 cubic kilometers of glacial ice, the largest volume outside the North and South Poles."
  • From Stanford postdoc Britt Wray: "Where is the global climate adaptation plan for human resilience?"
  • High interest rates are bad news for clean energy
  • Not all plant-based diets have the same environmental and health benefits
  • High-income countries should lead the charge on sustainable food systems. "At a time when agriculture faces enormous pressures in the wake of a global pandemic, there has never been a better opportunity to build new links and redesign agriculture and food systems with a clearer focus on the health of both people and the planet."
  • Wildfire smoke exposure hurts learning outcomes